I’m a 24 year old recent university graduate from Texas. I’m currently taking a gap year before law school, and wanted to create this space to document my journey to law school.

So… about me,

I obviously like lattes a lot, I drink mine iced or hot, with coconut milk, and I want to go to law school. I knew I wanted go to law school since I started university, so I studied something that I liked, political science/government, and pursued opportunities that would help prepare me for law school and beyond.

So, why a gap year? Most attorneys I know recommend a gap year, or two. The consensus is that you’ll be more prepared and will take classes because you’re interested in them, and not because you’re guaranteed an easy grade.

I graduated in December 2016. Immediately after, I moved to Austin and interned at the Texas Legislature during the legislative session. I’m currently working at law firm and preparing for the LSAT.