Gap Year

2018 Reading List

Happy 2018!!! I hope this year will bring you joy, an awesome LSAT score, and law school acceptance letters. I don't necessarily believe in "new year's resolutions," because we have the ability to pursue change at any given moment, but I did want to put together this reading list and share it with y'all. I'm starting off the year reading My Beloved World by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, My Own Words by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Let the People in: The Life and Times of Ann Richards by Jan Reid. I'm a January baby, so I want to celebrate my birthday month by reading about pretty amazing women who have changed the game and paved the way.


Do I really want to be a lawyer?

You're probably asking yourself if law school is right for you. Some people might say that if you're asking yourself that, the answer is no, but I think it's perfectly normal to wonder that. Some of us knew we wanted to pursue a JD before we started undergrad, others started to consider the possibility after… Continue reading Do I really want to be a lawyer?